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Android devices are burgeoning these days, and in the coming future they shall become the major drivers of business. As a result, the inception of quality applications becomes pivotal. Powering hundreds of millions of Smartphone and Tablet, Android apps have grabbed huge chunk of the mobile market. Being an open source, Android platform is the first choice for developers who want to build high-tech solutions for mobile devices and earn handsome revenue. In the pool of many Android experts, ILDC’s meaningful training and competitive course can help you in defining your survival.

Being an ILDC candidate for Android, IndiaNIC experts will cater the insight knowledge for smart use of Android application & its building blocks. With more practical and meaningful training techniques, our candidates will gain rapid acquaintance with the android platform. ILDC provides healthy and competitive environment that helps candidates to grow professionally and at the same time caters them with the necessary tools in becoming pro of the technology.


ILDC is an IndiaNIC learning and education program that aims to assist and train IT professionals to adapt themselves to the latest technologies in Android. ILDC works with professionalism and caters you with:

  • Latest industry relevant syllabus
  • Expert faculties for training
  • Giving exposure to projects on floor
  • Soft-skills training
  • Individual focus
  • Practical exposure and professional environment

What We Offer

Since, mobile technologies are proliferating and are in huge demand, our learning programs shall help candidates to know about the actual industry requirements and prepare them accordingly. By undertaking our certificate courses, candidates would be able to get an in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies that are being actually used by the industry.


  • Instructor Lead Sessions

    Live interaction and regular class room sessions with experts from the industry.

  • Practical Sessions

    Hands-on practice under the guidance of experienced trainers.

  • Project Work

    Go through the different phases in Project Development through real projects with real challenges and deadlines.

  • V Learning

    Directly connect with ILDC training sessions from your location. Enjoy live video sessions with expert faculty for real-time knowledge sharing. Communicate with interactive chat box

  • e Learning

    A common virtual ILDC e-Learning platform to communicate with trainers and other students 24*7

We Bridge the Gap between Academic and Industry Learning