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ILDC Program: iOS

Apple’s iOS is the most successful app development platform. The proliferation of apps in the app store continues with no signs of slowing down. Applications have not only become the consumer’s delight, but also a great source for developers to generate revenue. However, the app store lacks quality apps, which is the result of the incompetent developers.

iOS platform has become the cornerstone for any app development enthusiast. Unfortunately, the motivation of aspirants is tethered due to the lack of effective training and expert grooming. Considering the importance of this fact, ILDC has prepared a curriculum that undermines this fact.

ILDC – Delivering Expertise

ILDC being an IndiaNIC initiative utilizes the expert talent within the organization. IndiaNIC, being the early adopters of this platform, developers have an inclusive knowledge of the OS. They have core expertise in iOS app development. As a result, experts have developed a certificate course in iOS that would nurture you to be industry-ready.

The courses duration is 500 hrs, which includes 360 hrs approximately for the practical training. The courses are based on the thorough analysis of the iOS platform and the emerging technology trends. On the successful completion of the curriculum, you will have a comprehensive knowledge of the iOS and the power to thrive on the competitive forefront.


  • Instructor Lead Sessions

    Live interaction and regular class room sessions with experts from the industry.

  • Practical Sessions

    Hands-on practice under the guidance of experienced trainers.

  • Project Work

    Go through the different phases in Project Development through real projects with real challenges and deadlines.

  • V Learning

    Directly connect with ILDC training sessions from your location. Enjoy live video sessions with expert faculty for real-time knowledge sharing. Communicate with interactive chat box

  • e Learning

    A common virtual ILDC e-Learning platform to communicate with trainers and other students 24*7

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