ILDC Purpose

ILDC Purpose

Though, our economy is largely driven by the technology, the education practices seriously lacks quality. As a result, organizations are struggling to discover quality candidates with industry specific expertise. ILDC undermines these inconsistencies in the technical education and evolves as a platform to gain expertise.

An initiative with a clear objective

ILDC is not an initiative to challenge the conventions of the educational institutes. Instead, it is the extension of the fundamentals acquired while attaining professional courses. The sole purpose of this initiative is to bridge the gap between what industry needs and what is taught academically.

How we groom our candidates?

It is an undeniable fact that exposure to the practical knowledge fortifies our learning ability. Thus, keeping this fact in mind, we give candidates exposure to –

  • The latest tools and technologies in mobile and web development
  • Terms of dealing projects from across the globe
  • Soft skills expert training to tie additional knots of knowledge
  • Working on real time projects to develop a sense of responsibility
  • In-depth knowledge of the sophisticated technology to gain experience

Benefits of teaming up with ILDC

The competitive landscape demands expertise right from the beginning. And our courses are designed to meet the industry standards. Our courses feature curriculum and methodology that improves your command and understanding of the technology. The benefits of our courses are –

  • Latest and industry specific syllabus
  • Availability of experts on the floor
  • Training provided by experienced faculties
  • Soft-skills training to become industry ready
  • Practical exposure
  • Focus on individual training
  • Exposure to professional environment

To fulfill the objectives of our curriculum and make the candidate industry ready, experts from the organization are always available to support the training program. The course design has been well thought that grooms leader for the future.

We Bridge the Gap between Academic and Industry Learning