Basic ofPhotography
Certificate Course Photography


They say a picture speaks a thousand words. A good click can transport the viewer to that particular landscape or scenery. Photography isn’t just about clicking buttons. When pictures are taken the right way, they have the power to last a lifetime. With advancement in the capabilities of camera’s these days, a good photography course can enable you to recapture even the most dramatic moments.

Photography can lead an individual into the career of performing arts, be it a photographer or a professional artist. ILDC, along with the Camera Club of Karnavati (CCK) is offering the course “Basics in Photography.” Those interested in opting for this program will get a joint certificate from the aforementioned institutions.

Course Curriculum

  • Myths of photography
  • Camera types, accessories and lens accessories
  • Shutter speed, white balance, exposure modes, histogram
  • Lenses-angle of view and lens speed
  • Management of light, ambient light and flash
  • Point of view, angle of view, subject placement, element of design
  • Panoramic, macro and time lapse photography
  • Usage of sensor-Full frame vs. APS, and pixel ISO
  • Taking DSLR videos
  • Camera care

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